August 2, 2022

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As the reality of climate change is now more and more apparent, with heatwaves, wildfires, and coral bleaching becoming the new norm, people try to find ways to live sustainably, reduce emissions, and save the environment. One of such green initiatives is the Portopiccolo project, a whole new eco-sustainable Italian village on the eastern shore of the Adriatic sea.

The charming Portopiccolo (“little port”) has been built from the ground up in the last few years. The eco-village construction began in 2011. Before that, there was nothing but a limestone quarry abandoned in the 1970s. Now it is a magical holiday destination, which looks as if it was built in the times of the Venetian Republic.

What makes Portopiccolo environmentally sustainable? Firstly, there are 15,000 trees specifically planted in 2005–2006 to make the area green. Secondly, no cars are allowed to access the village — they must be left in an underground car park dug into the rocks. Thirdly, all of the 450+ houses were built using natural materials from the quarry itself and in accordance with the principles of so-called “zero-impact architecture”. Solar panels and geothermal units are used for air conditioning and water sanitation, thus making it possible to completely eliminate CO2 emissions.

Now the little village tries to attract tourists from the rest of Italy and beyond. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of leisure options for the most rich — with the yachting marina, luxurious spas, and dozens of high-end shops. But Portopiccolo’s “dolce vita” is not just for millionaires. In 2022, the village hosted the TIM Summer Hits music festival, which attracted thousands of ordinary people to the area.

Kate Moró
Kate Moró

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