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How to Move Things Forward

Dozens of boring textbooks, stacks of thick grammar books, long hours spent with a tutor β€” but your English never got off the ground? We created Nuto to make learning fun and to make as many people as possible feel confident about their English.

2 new texts in English every week

Up to 6 exercises for each article. Quiz, True/False and more

10 minutes a day on Nuto, and you will feel the difference

3 levels of text complexity (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

What Awaits You on Nuto

We offer texts on a variety of topics β€” from pop music to sports β€” for different levels of language learning and accompany them with interactive exercises so that you can develop not only your reading skills, but your writing and listening skills in English as well 😊


How Can Reading Improve My English?

The best way to improve your foreign language skills is to read articles in English and do interactive exercises based on what you've read. Just get the ball rolling!

it enriches your vocabulary

it improves reading skills

it also β€” surprise! β€” improves writing skills as it helps you visually remember spelling of words

it teaches you to contemplate a wide variety of current topics

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