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Engage in hands-on exercises with AI and focus on practical learning with minimal theory in our English courses at Nuto.

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What sets Nuto apart?

We leverage AI (Artificial Intelligence) to make your English learning experience as authentic as possible.

✨ writing 2.0

Engage in writing exercises

Compose short, goal-oriented sentences and receive AI feedback to reinforce your new skills.

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💫 chat

Interact with AI bots

Spend 5 minutes chatting with AI to naturally acquire new vocabulary or grammar.

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⭐️ bite-sized learning

Quick 15-minute lessons

We value your time, hence our lessons are designed with 20% theory and 80% practice for optimal learning.

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Hear from our students

What I love about Nuto is the opportunity to not just learn new topics, but also to immediately put them into practice.

Alena P.

B1 level (Intermediate)

I'm not usually keen on reading in English, but here I've found engaging texts suitable for my level, along with clear comprehension tasks. I think I'll soon be ready for B1 level stories.

Maxim Ch.

A2 level (Pre-Intermediate)

After several chats with the AI, I feel more confident in my English conversations. The bots do a great job of keeping the conversation going and asking engaging questions.

Nadir Zh.

B2 level (Upper-Intermediate)

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